Swiss artist Heinz-Peter Kohler (hpk) has been painting for over six decades now, and has received numerous cetificates, stipends and accolades on both a national and international platform.


The scope of his work ranges from landscape, floral motives, people and mystical creatures to the surreal. They fill thousands of of his paintings, edgings and sketches. It's impossible to show here more than just a hint of what his body of work contains, but maybe it will be enough to catch your interest, dear Reader.  

Kohler's paintings are part of many private and public collections. He was a student of the famous Swiss painter Max von Mühlenen (10.02.1903 - 20.10.1971) but developed his personal style, incorporating a wide range of techniques. He mostly works in water colors, but has done paintings in oil as well as produced bronze figurines. His water color works included large (2 x 2 metres) as well as tiny sizes (about the size of a post stamp).  

Thank you

2021 has been a difficult year for Heinz-Peter Kohler. Suffering a mild stroke this summer, he had to slow down considerably and his output as a professional artist has come down to a trickle. The artist wishes to thank all those who've taken the time to wish him well and stand beside him in these trying times, especially his wife Beatrice. HPK wishes you all a wonderful festive season and a Happy New Year. 

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