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about the artist

The Swiss artist with more than sixty years given to the Arts.

Heinz-Peter Kohler was born 11.11.1935 in Biel and soon found the arts become part and lead him through his life. In 1955 he started studies at the Kunstakademie München and upon his return in 1960, he began his studies in earnest at the private school of renowned Swiss artist Max von Mühlenen in Berne. Even Louis Moilliet took notice of Kohler, and while they never met, he foretold von Mühlenen to look out for this young artist. 

He made his versatility part of his repertoire, and Kohler quite often chose to stretch the boundaries of what a water color artist did in those days. His work brought him not only paying customers, but also support in the form of stipends from various institutions. 1971 he received an honorary Gold Medal from the Union of Swiss Sportsjournalists (Verband der Schweizerischen Sportjournalisten) for a series of paintings on various sports themes.  

Heinz-Peter Kohler, too, was politically active for a long time. It is thanks to him and his motion dated April 22, 1976 that the City of Biel finally received its first museum for contemporary art (what today is called the Centre PasquArt).


His works is shown in private collections and galleries on a national and international scale. He's had many solo exhibitions but also participated with other artists, among them twice with Hans Erni. While still active, he has largely foresworn exhibitions, at least for now, and enjoys bringing new experiments to paper. 



hpk's mother Elsa and his father Hermann, hpk as a baby and as a young artist. 


1955-1960: Studies at the Kunstakademie Munich, Germany

1959: First solo exhibition in the Theatre de Poche, Biel

1960-1970: Further studies at the Maischule Max von Mühlenen, Berne 

1962 / 1963: Stipends received from the Louise Aeschlimann-Stiftung, Berne 

1962-1964: Further stipends received from the Swiss Government 

1964, 1966, 1970: Stipends received from the Kiefer-Hablitzel-Stiftung 

1967: Stipend received from the Canton of Berne 

1971: Honorary Gold Medal received for services to Sports in general (Verband der Schweizerischen Sportjournalisten) 

1974: Stipend received from the City of Biel 

1971-1976: Member of the Arts Commission of the City of Berne

1990: First Price at the Trolleybus Competition of the City of Biel 
1999: Kulturpreis (Honors received for works towards Culture and Arts) of the City of Biel
2009: Kunstpreis (Honors received for works towards the Arts) of the Galery Böhner, Mannheim, Germany
2012: 2nd price in the Painting & Mixed Media Competition 2012, Bulgaria
2019: EURO-Kunstplakette in Gold für Kunst und Kultur des Europäischen Kulturkreises Baden-Baden, Germany
          (EURO Gold Medal for Art and Culture issued by the European Circle of Culture in Baden-Baden, Germany)


Again and again, HPK has helped others less fortunate with donations of art and money. One such donation was bequeathed to "la Grande Maison" in Corgémont, where children in need are being supported. The association is represented here through Urs Dickerhof.

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